I bet the dog ate his homework, too. This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, January 9th, 2019.

St. George, UT- A suspect had an--unusual--alibi.

Close-up. Arrested man handcuffed

The man fit the description of a burglary suspect and was being interviewed by police last month. The man told investigators that he couldn't have committed the crime...because he was high on meth and typically reserves criminal behavior when he's under the influence of heroin.

The Utah state crime lab were able to link the man's fingerprints to the burglary scene, the suspect's shoe tread pattern matched marks left in the home’s yard and on the garage door.

He was arrested on suspicion of multiple counts of theft, drug possession and possessing fraudulent credit cards. [Salt Lake Tribune]

I guess you have to admire the guy's honesty.

New York City- The NYPD is investigating a "love rectangle" within the department.


40-year-old Kandou Worley is a sergeant with the NYPD and he lives with his girlfriend, 41-year-old Tyeis Coppin. HOWEVER ... Worley has been having an affair with a 33-year-old officer named Stephanie Gallardo. And her husband, 28-year-old Cristian Gallardo, is also on the force.

Well...all of this blew up last week when Coppin was going through Worley's phone and found pictures of him kissing Stephanie. And she was so ticked she put the pictures on Worley's Instagram page.

Now, the NYPD is investigating what happened . . . and they even took away all four cops' guns to make sure no one got shot over all of this. [New York Post]

This is a real cop drama...no need for TV!

Tampa, FL- This guy's story really...stinks.


40-year-old Wesley Scott was arrested Friday night on an outstanding warrant for drug possession. Police questioned Scott, who denied having any drugs or weapons on him.

When they got to jail and cops started to strip search him...he produced three syringes from his RECTUM and handed them to one of the guards. Scott then claimed claim they actually belonged to someone else.

AMAZINGLY, officers didn't buy it, and now he's facing a fresh felony charge for smuggling contraband into a correctional facility. [The Smoking Gun]

Of all the excuses cops have heard, 'these aren't MY drugs' has to be one of the most common.

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