All of a sudden I've lost my appetite. This is "Crappy News" for Thursday, December 13th, 2018.

Delray Beach, FL- A rat was found in a school vending machine.

gray rat
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A student at Atlantic Community High School recorded video of the rat climbing through the machine and coming into contact with the packaged food inside.

Students said the rodent was opening and eating some of the foods.

The school district says the machine was locked after the rodent sighting and an exterminator was called to the school later that day. [UPI]

Greenwood, IN- Police are looking for a neighborhood grinch.

A small-town Christmas display centered around the village gazebo

Video shows a man getting out of a black SUV to look at Christmas decorations. The suspect then gets back in his vehicle, backs up, and drives through the display--including a 12-foot inflatable decoration.

Casie Arnold & her husband ran outside and saw their inflatable snowman had been deflated, and noticed tire tracks running through their yard.

The Arnolds reported the vandalism to police, but say they're more concerned that their neighborhood has lots of young kids who could've gotten hurt.

Authorities are still trying to identify the suspect. [WRTV - Indianapolis]

Selinsgrove, PA- A department store employee was found guilty of "mishandling" a co-worker's lunch.

Sub sandwich baguette with ham for breakfast isolated

36-year-old Anthony Maneval admitted to holding a colleague's sandwich while performing an activity that rhymes with "plaster station."

Apparently he didn't realize the security cameras in the stock room caught the ENTIRE THING. That video showed Maneval press the sandwich against his body, then rewrap it and return it to the fridge.

When questioned, Maneval also told police that a black light would have revealed traces of semen on his hands when he was touching the sandwich.

Maneval was convicted of indecent assault and sentenced to up to 12 months in prison. []

Here's an important tip that may not be in your job's HR handbook: You SHOULDN'T rub your coworkers' lunches on your naked body while you pleasure yourself at work.

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