This dude DEFINITELY needs to find a new pick-me-up. I think I do, too. Here's "Crappy News" for Friday, 2/15/19.

Thomasville, NC- A man stole money, while his girlfriend was managing hers...


Police were called to a Wells Fargo branch Tuesday morning. Employees told officers that a black male walked in, handed a note to a teller, and demanded cash.

56-year-old Stanley Albright Rodgers took the money and left the bank through the front doors. Cops found him FIVE MINUTES later at a tax service across the street.

Police learned that Rodgers’ girlfriend was having her taxes prepared during the time of the robbery. Investigators do not believe she was involved.

Rodgers had previously been convicted for robberies in 2010 & 2011. [Courier-Tribune]

Brooklyn, NY- A gym teacher was fired...for gaming?

29-year-old Brett Belsky overheard some members of his class talking about XBox games, so he wrote his online gamer tag on the chalkboard and offered to play Fortnite with them if they got good grades.

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Belsky held up his end of the deal in March 2018, playing the game online for about 20 minutes with an 11-and 12-year-old student.

One of the kids brought it up to his dad, who reported the gaming session to the school’s principal the next day.

The Department of Education fired Belsky last fall for "inappropriate internet conduct," stating that teachers should not communicate with students online--unless the reasons are "school-related."

Belsky is appealing the decision and maintains that he was just trying to connect with the younger generation. [New York Post]

Margate, United Kingdom- A student has given new meaning to the term "mouthing off."

21-year-old Vinnie Pyner did what many college kids do--he stocked up on energy drinks to help keep alert during studying. But his habit became overwhelming, and soon Pyner was drinking up to 45 cans a week over a span of about seven months.

Things got so bad that four of Pyner's four front teeth SNAPPED OFF after he tried eating an apple.

Dentists discovered every tooth in his mouth had rotted, and now he will need 24 fillings and have to be affixed with dentures--which will cost him about £2,000. Pyner says the energy drinks have completely ruined his life and "affected his confidence dramatically." [Daily Mail]

I'm glad I switched to the sugar-free kind...

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