Humans don't deserve dogs. This is 'Crappy News' for Thursday, January 11th.

Quebec City, Canada- An ice hotel had to be evacuated...because of a fire.

A small blaze broke out in one of the rooms at Village Vacances Valcartier winter park early Tuesday morning. The fire reportedly began when a candle fell onto a sleeping bag. The hotel's manager said all 33 guests were brought to Valcartier's main hotel for the night.

A few of the patrons were treated for smoke inhalation at a nearby hospital, and there was some damage sustained to the hotel, but the fire was contained very quickly. [CBC]

Kind of difficult for a fire to spread when it's surrounded by frozen water.

Yavapai County, AZ- A man suspected of stealing from a bank was finally caught after applying for a job.

Vault Door

32-year-old Alberto Lopez worked at a Bank of America branch in Cottonwood, Arizona until October 2016. Bank officials suspected Lopez stole about $5,000 between July and September of that year. Police put out a warrant but Lopez kept ducking them.

That is...until last month, when Alberto was job hunting, and he applied for a dispatcher job AT the police department. Cops ran a background check and found his warrant. So they scheduled an "interview" for him last week...and when he showed up, they arrested him. [Arizona Republic]

It's safe to assume he wasn't hired.

Dudley, NC- A man allegedly stole his stepdaughter's dog and tried to sell it for drugs.


41-year-old Christopher Eakes reportedly dognapped the eight-week-old Yorkshire terrier puppy on New Year's Day. Eakes' stepdaughter accused him of stealing the dog, and police say he tried to sell the puppy in order to buy methamphetamine.

Eakes was charged with larceny of a dog and didn't enter a plea during his court date Tuesday. During the investigation, detectives learned the puppy was sold again to a “good family” with a home. The stepdaughter decided to leave the puppy with its new owners. [People]

Obviously, this guy's a POS...but if you went through all that trouble, wouldn't you try to get your dog back? That puppy's probably better off.

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