Monroe, CT- A man has found himself in quite the sticky situation...


Last month, 52-year-old Robert Somley successfully seduced a woman by getting naked and covering himself in maple syrup. She joined in--and brought jelly into the equation. But the woman freaked out when she realized that Somley had been recording their tryst on his phone.

She asked him to delete the video and he she called police and Somley was arrested for voyeurism.

Now Somley is in trouble AGAIN. He was arrested last week for violating a protective order barring him from contacting the victim. He was allegedly trying to intimidate the woman, so now he's been busted for witness tampering, too. [The Smoking Gun]

Today also happens to be National Maple Syrup Day, for what it's worth...

Saukville, WI- Police are looking for a man who stole beer and bacon from a convenience store.


The incident happened at a Kwik Trip store last Sunday afternoon. Surveillance video shows an African-American man wearing a Santa hat hiding bottles of beer in his jacket and putting several pounds of bacon in his pants.

Video also captured the suspect leaving the store and driving away in a van.'d think it would've been a sleigh.

Cops are asking the public to help identify the man. [WDJT-TV]

I think this guy TOTALLY misses the point of Secret Santa.

Francis, UT- This is a definite lack of Christmas cheer.

Police say the homeowner and his son were inside the house when a roommate, 56-year-old Randall Dickinson, drunkenly knocked over their Christmas tree.


They told Dickinson to go back into his room, and he responded by firing a gun at them 15 times. Cops say the bullets struck items in the home and went through walls but no one was hit by the gunfire.

The two men disarmed Dickinson and pinned him to the ground until police arrived.

Dickinson faces charges of felony discharge of a firearm, criminal mischief, intoxication, carrying a dangerous weapon while under the influence, two counts of aggravated assault, and a partridge in a pear tree. [FOX 13 - Salt Lake City]

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