Maybe he should've stolen someone else's face? This is "Crappy News" for Thursday, August 30th, 2018.

Summit, SD- Police had to clean up a massive meaty mess.

South Dakota Highway Patrol via Facebook
South Dakota Highway Patrol

Officers responded to a crash Monday involving two tractor-trailers on a foggy highway.

A semi carrying a huge shipment of beef collided with a truck hauling paper products after the second truck had pulled onto the highway from a side street.

Photos from the scene show more than 31,000 pounds of beef roasts spilled onto the ground. The driver of the meat truck was hospitalized for minor injuries. Sadly, all 16 tons of beef were taken to a landfill. [UPI]

Tallahassee, FL- I usually try to defend Millennials...but this is

A woman arriving at college
Design Pics

Florida State University has just created a mandatory online class for incoming freshmen this year to help them handle the stress that comes with going off to college, moving on campus, handling their workload, and adjusting to their new environment.

But they're offering students an option to skip the class if they think that doing it would make them--wait for it--too stressed.

The session, called the Student Resilience Project, is only between 30 and 45 minutes long, and it's mostly just videos of older students telling newcomers what they can expect. And there's not even a test afterwards. So...what's stressful about it exactly? [Inside Higher Ed]

Waukon, IA- A suspect just couldn't stay away.

Scott Coxworth/ Photo: Waukon Police Dept.
Scott Coxworth/ Photo: Waukon Police Dept.

On August 7th, authorities received a report from a Waukon business, that a theft had taken place on the 4th. The suspect was later identified as 49-year-old Scott Coxworth of Houston, Minnesota.

A surveillance camera also recorded Coxworth return to the business on August 6th, where he took additional merchandise. Last Wednesday, the business again called police to report that Coxworth had returned, and was currently in the store.

Officers discovered that Coxworth had changed his license plates on his pickup. The truck was impounded, and he was arrested for the thefts as well as Fraudulent Use of License Plates. During a search of his vehicle, police discovered items related to narcotics use.

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