If this happened a few weeks later, maybe cops would've believed him? This is "Crappy News" for Monday, October 8th, 2018.

Baxter County, AR- Authorities are investigating a mysterious...hole.

Deep hole in the ground

Officials are trying to figure out what caused a hole in the ground to flare into a 12-foot flame late last month. The opening was determined to be caused by a burrowing animal, but geologists, environmental agents and city staff are stumped about the source of the fire.

There were no gas leaks reported in the area, and soil samples have been taken to the state laboratory for analysis.

A meteorite and Satan have also been ruled out as possible causes. [Arkansas Online]

Salt Lake City, UT- A family is trying to figure out how to replace more than $1,000.

Shredded US Dollars

Ben and Jackee Belnap said they had been saving up cash to pay Ben's parents back for University of Utah football season tickets. They had $1,060 stashed in an envelope that went missing last weekend.

They eventually found the envelope full of money. In the paper shredder. Ben says his two-year-old son Leo helps him use the shredder to dispose of junk mail, and the toddler put the envelope through it when they weren't looking.

There's apparently a government office that deals with destroyed cash, but the couple says they could have to wait up to two years to receive the money. [Your Central Valley]

West Monroe, LA- A man claimed a supernatural suspect left drugs in his home.


Michael Auttenberry called 911 last week claiming he'd been attacked by a burglar with an axe. When officers arrived they saw Auttenberry yelling and cursing at people that weren't actually there.

Police searched his place, but didn't find any signs of an injury or a break-in. However...they DID spot a small bag of meth sitting on his nightstand. And when they asked Auttenberry about it, he said a ghost must have planted it.

Auttenberry is charged with giving a false police report and possession of a controlled substance. [KNOE-TV]

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