I think he was destined for this. Here's "Crappy News" for Tuesday, December 4th, 2018...

Detroit, MI- This kid must be REALLY scared of his parents.

Speedometer 90 mph
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A 17-year-old was busted last Friday night for reckless driving after he was seen passing other vehicles and rapidly weaving through lanes of traffic.

According to police, the driver said he was traveling so fast because he was late for his 9:30 p.m. curfew.

The teen was clocked at 138 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone. Michigan prices show tickets for 26+ miles over the limit start at $155, then add $4 per mile. So, doing quick math, that roughly adds up to a $323 ticket. Ouch.

The State police tweeted that the officer "gave the kid a break on the reckless driving charge, but he did earn...the SMH award." [MLive.com]

DeKalb, IL- A man called police...to complain about his hooker.


52-year-old Peter Coleman was allegedly messaging a prostitute online last Tuesday.

Coleman reported that he paid a woman named "Kayrene" $40 via Paypal to have sex with him, but she never showed. He told her he wanted his money back, but she said there'd be a refund charge...so he went to the COPS to resolve the issue.

Coleman claims that because he did not receive the woman's "services," he didn't think he'd get into trouble. The police DISAGREED. He's been charged with solicitation and faces up to one year in jail. [DeKalb Daily Chronicle]

This guy REALLY doesn't have a good grasp of the legal system.

St. Augustine, FL- This guy fulfilled his destiny.

St. Johns County (FL) Sheriff's Office
St. Johns County (FL) Sheriff's Office

The suspect got into a verbal altercation at a local restaurant last Tuesday.

The man drove away from police as a squad car approached, and was going 57 mph in a 30 mph zone before eventually pulling over.

Police detected the smell of alcohol...and identified the suspect as 41-year-old Jason Beers.

Beers' blood alcohol level was tested twice, registering at .189 and .208, and cops also found a glass marijuana pipe in his truck. He was charged with drug possession & DUI. [CBS 47]

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