Milwaukee County, WI- An ex-con traveled across the go to another prison.

68-year-old William Gallagher recently completed a 20-year prison sentence in New Jersey, but he was having trouble adjusting to life on the outside. He'd apparently heard great things about the Wisconsin prison system from a former he hopped a train and went there.

Gallagher entered a bank in October, demanded cash in the form of $100 bills and told the teller he had a bomb. He then asked the teller to call police. Gallagher sat down and waited for the cops to come in and arrest him.

He claims that he knew an inmate that said Wisconsin's prisons treated inmates the best, so he wanted to find out for himself. Gallagher's been charged with attempted robbery. [Milwaukee Journal Star]

Mankato, MN- A man claims he was acting out his wife's final wishes.

69-year-old Debra Johnson was found dead in her home last week. Her husband, 58-year-old Duane Johnson, said she had been in a nursing home and begged him to take her home to die. Debra had been suffering from severe health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

Honoring his wife's request, Duane held a "death party" for his wife. The two listened to heavy metal music, took methamphetamines, and had one last sexual encounter before she passed away.

Duane found by police at his home with more than 40 weapons inside. He was arrested on charges of  receiving stolen property. Other charges could still be pending. [Loudwire]

Port St. Lucie, FL- This guy was on drugs AND clean at the same time...

detergent for laundry washer

29-year-old Matthew Crull was arrested in December after police noticed him sleeping inside in a van located in a restaurant parking lot. Officers found an open beer can, marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle, as well as a white powder that was believed to be heroin.

Crull spent six weeks in jail before it was determined that the powder was actually laundry detergent.

Police subsequently dropped the drug trafficking charge, which carried a minimum of 25 years in prison. Prosecutors also declined to pursue the lesser drug counts. The arresting officer has been fired by the department. [The Smoking Gun]

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