It's 2018...MAYBE we should start holding our elected officials to higher standards. This is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, January 17th.

road sign - roundabout

Paris, France- A man was arrested for drunk driving after repeatedly making laps around a traffic circle.

The 73-year-old was finally pulled over after driving through the same roundabout 17 times. The man claimed he simply hadn't heard the sirens when police finally stopped him. Officers confiscated the man's ID.

Surprisingly, the man had been cited for a previous violation in a different city. [Yahoo News]

Somebody please keep this guy away from University Ave.

Portland, OR- The search is on for a suspect who stole an ATM...with a forklift.

The incident happened at a Wells Fargo branch Sunday night. A representative from the bank says it appeared that the suspect was unable to access any cash from the machine.

Police found the destroyed ATM nearby, and the drive-thru area of the bank was heavily damaged because of the theft.

Cops are checking with nearby businesses to see if surveillance video recorded any footage of the incident. [FOX 12 Oregon]

I've been desperate for money before, just never "hitch a forklift to an ATM" desperate...

Atwater, CA- The town's mayor was busted for illegally firing a gun.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

A witness was in his car at the airport when he heard a series of gunshots coming from a moving vehicle, one of which ricocheted past his car. The bystander called 911 and police arrived and surrounded the truck where the shots were fired.

The suspect was Atwater's mayor, Jim Price.

According to police, Price owns a side business providing fuel services at the airport and was allegedly shooting squirrels to keep them off the flight path. However, Mayor Price did not have a permit to shoot wildlife or to fire a gun near the airway.

The mayor was ticketed, his rifle was seized and he was ordered to give up his concealed carry permit. [CBS Sacramento]

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