It's okay to giggle. A lot. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, September 14th, 2018.

Boston, MA- A radio station received a very special delivery.


Employees at Hot 96.9 noticed a package with no return address had been sitting inside their building for several weeks. It's unclear who decided to finally open it...but when they did they found quite the surprise.

The box contained 20 BAGS of marijuana. According to host Ramiro Torres, "There's a lot of theories about what it's doing here. One is that it was a mistake. The other is that whoever was sending it would just drop it off outside and the person picking it up was just gonna drive by and grab it."

The package--and its contents--were sent to the state lab for analysis. [News 25 Boston]

I don't know ANYBODY in radio that would want that weed... ;-)

Moscow, Russia- A passenger arrived at the airport with 20 snakes in his carry-on luggage.

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Agents say the man had packed the reptiles in a small bag before flying from Dusseldorf, Germany. When entering Russia, the man stated that he had bought the non-poisonous snakes at a market in Germany. However, because the passenger lacked the correct documents, the reptiles were placed in quarantine.

Airport authorities checked with German police and no incident was reported prior to the flight. So, somehow, at the airport in Germany, he got a bag full of snakes onto the plane. And nobody seemed to care. [The Local]

Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you REALLY need him?

Pulaski County, MO- A town launched a brand new newspaper. And it's funny for the wrong reasons.


The town's previous periodical, The Daily Guide, stopped printing just a few weeks ago.Editor Natalie Sanders wanted to start a "fun" paper that featured local news and promoted tourism in the town.

The name of the town? Uranus. The paper? The Examiner. THE URANUS EXAMINER.

The town is situated along Route 66 and is known for quirky tourist attractions, including the world's largest belt buckle...and a fudge shop. THERE'S A FUDGE SHOP IN URANUS. Because of course there is.

The mayor of a neighboring town thinks that the name of the new publication will bring "public ridicule" to the community. Well, she probably has a point. [Yahoo News]

Absolutely DO NOT make any poop jokes. That would be wrong.

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