If parenthood doesn't pan out, she may have a future in WWE. Here's "Crappy News" for Monday, March 11th.

Litchfield Park, AZ- A woman was injured after being attacked at a zoo.

Jaguar, Panthera onca
Getty Images

Officials say the woman was attempting to take a selfie near the fence of a jaguar enclosure when one of the wild cats attacked her arm.

A tweet from the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park suggested that the woman had crossed the barrier while trying to take the picture. The zoo director said "There's no way to fix people crossing barriers ... we put substantial barriers there and if people cross them, they can get in trouble."

A similar incident happened at the park last year involving the same jaguar, but this injury was more serious. Park officials are still investigating but say the jaguar will not be euthanized. [AZfamily.com]

Springfield, MA- This guy should've been a BIT more conspicuous.


29-year-old Raphelle Rosario has been working as a security guard at a CVS. And he was arrested on Wednesday for selling cocaine in the parking lot. Meaning he'd been dealing drugs...outside a drug store.

Undercover cops were there working on an unrelated investigation, and just happened to spot the drug deal go down. Rosario went back inside the store, and his customer drove away. Police found the man a few blocks away and charged him with cocaine possession. Cops then returned to CVS and found Rosario.

Officers found two bags of cocaine in his car, along with $595 cash. He's been charged with cocaine possession and intent to distribute. [MassLive.com]

Niagara Falls, NY- This mom isn't exactly setting the best example...

Police badge and handcuffs close-up
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28-year-old Laquonda Crittenden Howard was reportedly unhappy about how she thought the teacher was treating her son.

Howard started screaming profanities at the school's principal, who asked her to leave. She refused and continued the verbal abuse, so the principal called police.

Howard walked into a restricted area of the school, got her child out of his class, and left the building. But not before she threatened to body slam the principal.

Howard was banned from school grounds and has been charged with third-degree menacing and criminal trespassing. [Buffalo News]

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