This should nominate her for "Mother of the Year." Here's "Crappy News" for Monday, May 21st.

Bluefield, VA- A man lied about being he could sneak away with his mistress.

teenager under arrest

38-year-old Larry Price disappeared last month. His wife reported him missing and authorities went on a statewide manhunt. He was eventually found about 20 miles away.

Price initially told police he was kidnapped by two strangers, drugged, held against his will and robbed at gunpoint. When the FBI interviewed Price, he changed his story and said he was kidnapped by members of a motorcycle gang because he owed them money.

But he actually fabricated the the whole thing in order to leave his wife and start a new life with his mistress. Price has been charged with lying to federal authorities. [NBC 4 - Washington, D.C.]

I'm sure both of those ladies are very proud right now.

Portage, IN- Two goofs were arrested after running into people at Walmart.

Electric Scooter
Ryan McVay -- Thinkstock

Police responded to the store Thursday night and found 39-year-old Orlando Simpson and 33-year-old Tommy Fritz driving around on electric mobility scooters and trying to run into shoppers.

Cops arrived as Fritz & Simpson were leaving the Walmart, and the suspects began berating and cursing at police, and one of the two men gave officers the middle finger. Fritz admitted to police that he and Simpson "had been drinking and acting stupid."

Each man was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication. [Northwest Indiana Times]

At least they were being honest...

Kyrkhult, Sweden- A mother had an--interesting--response to getting the wrong tattoo.


Johanna Sandstrom asked a local tattoo artist to have the names of her two offspring inked onto her arm. It wasn't until she returned home that she noticed her son Kevin had become "Kelvin."

Sandstrom went back to the shop, but the tattoo artist said there was nothing he could do aside from giving her a refund. So...rather than undergo multiple expensive treatments to have the misspelled tattoo removed, Sandstrom and her husband opted to change their son's name instead.

Sandstrom said, quote, "I had never heard the name ‘Kelvin’ before ... There isn’t anyone who names their kid Kelvin. So when I thought more about it, I realized that no one else has this name ... Now we think it is better than Kevin." [The Independent]

Reason #438 I never want a tattoo...

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