TGIF! This is "Crappy News" for Friday, July 6th...

Gauteng, South Africa- A woman that had been ruled dead was found the morgue.

Identification of dead body

Paramedics declared the victim dead following a fatal crash last month that killed two other people. An employee went to check the bodies when he discovered the unnamed female was alive in the mortuary fridge.

Officials say the ambulance service followed all the protocols to check for life, including looking for breathing and signs of a pulse, and there was no proof of any negligence.

The health department is still investigating. [Newsweek / Times Live]

Talk about getting it dead wrong.

Lake County, FL- A teen was stalked by an alligator.

15-year-old Jordan Broderick was floating on a raft in the Ocala National Forest when she noticed the gator coming towards her.

Alligator in Lake Charles, La.
Big Boy Chill

Broderick grabbed a branch and climbed up a tree to avoid the alligator. Broderick's parents called 911 because the alligator waited at the base of the tree hissing at her for nearly 30 minutes.

Police shot and killed the 10-foot gator and Broderick was able to safely come down from the tree.

Authorities warn people to be extra careful around bodies of water because July is near the end of mating season, so gators are more aggressive and territorial. [UPI]

Fountain Hills, AZ- A woman shot and killed her son because he wanted to put her in an assisted living facility.


92-year-old Anna Mae Blessing had been living with her 72-year-old son, Thomas Blessing, and his girlfriend for about six months. Police say Anna Mae had gotten into a dispute with her son about her living arrangements.

Blessing allegedly hid two pistols in the pockets of her robe then confronted Thomas in his bedroom. Blessing then shot her son twice before turning the gun on his girlfriend, who was able to wrestle it away. According to court documents, Anna Mae believed her life was being taken as a result of her son and his girlfriend trying to move her to assisted living.

Blessing faces charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. [KPHO/KTVK]

It doesn't always go great when someone tries to put their parents in a nursing home. But it never goes THIS badly.

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