might want to fix that. This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, October 30th.

Guadalajara, Mexico- A woman had an--extreme--way of getting back at her family.

I get being young and rebellious...but THIS???


23-year-old Paulina Landeros has clashed with her parents because of her body modification--including tattoos, piercings, and even splitting her tongue. But Landeros took it a step further. Out of spite...she removed her belly button before giving it to her then-boyfriend as a "token of love."

Landeros described the 2015 procedure as the best way she could think of to remove the connection to her parents.

She's since made up with her family, and realized how impulsive--and irreversible--her decision was. [Daily Mail]

And somewhere, a dude has his ex's dried-up bellybutton in a bag. How darling.

Brooklyn Center, MN- This granny is VERY protective of her stuff...


75-year-old Helen Washington got upset that her grandson kept putting a teacup on her furniture. After ignoring her demands, Washington left the room, grabbed a gun and SHOT her grandson.

The victim was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his right leg. Officers found a .38 Special revolver with five rounds of ammunition inside the home.

Washington was arrested on a felony charge of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and now faces up to seven years in prison and a $14,000 fine. She is being evaluated to determine is she is competent to stand trial. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

Yarmouth, MA- This bride and groom need a do-over...

Ashley Veilleux and David Mellen got married in September. They were doing a non-denominational wedding, so they hired a 39-year-old justice of the peace named James Stern to officiate.


It turns out this was a TERRIBLE idea...since Stern technically wasn't allowed to marry them.

Stern was never licensed in Massachusetts and never submitted the marriage license to the legally, the couple's marriage never happened.

Veilleux also claims that Stern broke into the bridal suite and stole her bridesmaids' credit card info. Police looked into it and found that Stern had a history of scamming, with 51 separate incidents of fraud on his criminal record.

He was arrested for impersonating a public official and "larceny by false pretense." [Mass Live]

Word to the wise........get somebody you actually KNOW to marry you.

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