Honestly, this is also how I'd deal with the stress of teaching. Here's "Crappy News" for Wednesday, December 19th.

Zhangzhou, China- A man was hospitalized because of his funky feet.


The 37-year-old patient went to get checked out after he'd begun coughing frequently and experiencing chest pains.

The man told physicians that he had a habit of walking home from work every day, then smelling his socks and shoes. Well...that habit led to a severe lung infection that sent him to the hospital.

Doctors believe fungal infection he'd developed on his feet was transferred to his lungs when he sniffed his socks. He's expected to make a full recovery. [IFL Science]

I don't know how many times I have to say this...men LOVE smelling rotten, horrible stuff. Especially if it's from their body.

Columbia, MO- A college graduation was crashed...by a cow.


University of Missouri students were stunned when an enormous dairy cow appeared on campus to make a cameo in a graduation photo shoot.

Senior animal sciences major Massimo Montalbano brought the 3-year-old cow, named Amelia, to campus on Thursday to be included in the ceremony

Montalbano sought permission from the vice provost, who forwarded the request to university operations staff. [Yahoo News]

Dubuque, IA- A middle school teacher was busted boozing at work.

wine glass set

A school administrator called police to report a teacher that appeared to be drunk.

Authorities say 38-year-old Ellen Ellerbach smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech and red, watery eyes.

A breathalyzer test showed Ellerbach had a BAC of .224--almost THREE TIMES the legal limit.

School personnel searched her office and found an open 16 oz. can of Mike's Harder Strawberry Lemonade and two more unopened Mike's Harder beverages.

Ellerbach was charged with public intoxication. [CBS 2]

Two things...#1, if I had to deal with annoying middle schoolers all day I'd want to get drunk, too. #2, how many Mike's do you need to drink to get a .224?! 20? 30? That takes some stamina.

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