Feeling hungry? This is "Crappy News" for Monday, November 19th, 2018.

Newnan, GA- A fugitive was caught...thanks to pancakes.

Stack of Small pancakes with butter and honey syrup on white background

54-year-old Kathy Pence helped her son, 27-year-old Joshua Gullatt, escape from prison.

Police say Gullatt was serving a 24-36-month burglary sentence. He was on work detail last Monday when he managed to slip out. His mom was waiting for him in an SUV and the two took off.

Police tracked their cell phone usage, and they were arrested at an IHOP in a neighboring county.

Gullatt has been charged with felony escape. Pence is also facing a felony charge for aiding the escape. [CBS 46]

This is about 20% "being a good mom" and 80% "being really stupid." I'm sure IHOP tastes better than prison food, though...

Pittsburgh, PA- A woman is under arrest after throwing SpaghettiOs at another woman's car.

Tinned Spaghettios
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The incident happened in October, when a woman approached the victim and began throwing cans of SpaghettiOs at her vehicle.

The victim was also allegedly attacked with a knife as she tried getting out of her car. She managed to get away, and wound up with the suspect's purse.

Belongings in the purse identified the suspect as 59-year-old Eileen Gettleman.

She's being charged with aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy. [WTAE-TV]

St. Petersburg, FL- Police are investigating a naked man sneaking into a restaurant.

noodle ramen Japanese food
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Officers looked at surveillance video that shows a burglar devouring a plate of chicken wings and enjoying a beer inside the kitchen. In doing so, police found different surveillance tapes from an incident the night before.

This video shows a man sneaking into the restaurant, then sitting naked at one of the restaurant's picnic tables and eating ramen noodles. The video also shows him playing the bongos--also, completely naked.

Police identified the man, who is homeless, but didn't disclose his name. They don't believe the two events are connected. The restaurant owner has refused to press charges. [Tampa Bay Times]

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