This was NOT a sweet deal. Here's "Crappy News" for Friday, 8/31/18.

Swansea, IL- A woman was arrested for paying her rent with drugs.

Police Break Crystal Meth Manufacturing Ring
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38-year-old Alison Yates was busted at her home on August 17th.

Officers with the Drug Tactical Unit say they received a tip that meth was being sold from the home’s garage.

Police believe Yates allowed 33-year-old Lindsey Lowery to stay in the home in exchange for meth.

Yates told investigators that she had been using meth for a few years, and she drank it from a shot glass. Officers said they found a bag of unknown pills in Yates’ bedroom dresser along with assorted drug paraphernalia. Cops also seized 22 grams of meth from the garage. [Belleville News-Democrat]

Juneau, AK- A homeless shelter is finally changing its awkward name.

Hands of homeless with a paper cup

The shelter has been considering the change for several years, but now it's actually happening--The Glory Hall will replace the original name, The Glory HOLE.

"Glory hole" was originally a mining term, but it has taken on a new meaning in the world of sexual slang. The shelter's executive director says she regularly received calls and emails from confused people and would have to explain the name when applying for grants. [Juneau Empire]

Hopefully these homeless folks don't use Urban Dictionary for anything.

West Haven, CT- Two school security officers were busted for selling carbonated contraband.

Drink Up

Officers Kim DeMayo and Doug Bauman were caught running a side hustle illegally selling sodas to West Haven High School students. What's the big deal, you say? The state of Connecticut banned pop from public school cafeterias back in 2006, in an effort to promote a healthier diet for students.

Rumors of the officers' involvement stem from a 2015 memo, in which school officials and police were concerned that resource officers were taking money from students.

The school superintendent says the officers' supervisors were contacted, though no formal punishment was issued. [WTNH-TV]

I guess "school security officer" doesn't pay the bills on its own.

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