Police say no 'fowl' play was suspected. This is 'Crappy News' for Thursday, January 4th.

Mansfield, OH- This guy is the epitome of "living and dying" with your favorite team.

Justin Berl/Getty Images
Justin Berl/Getty Images

80-year-old Paul Stark passed away December 27th. And in his obituary, his cause of death was listed as, quote, "a brief illness, exacerbated by the hopeless condition of the Cleveland Browns."

The obit continued, saying that Mr. Stark died "just before the Browns were prepared to turn the corner." Fortunately (or unfortunately), he passed away last Wednesday, a few days prior to the Browns completing only the second 0-16 season in NFL history. I'm not sure if he'd want to be alive for that. [Sandusky Register]

Indianapolis, IN- A woman is suing her former workplace for wrongful termination.

A woman named Amber Bridges was working as a supervisor at a magistrate court in

Body odor

November 2016 when some of her employees started complaining to her about a co-worker's bad body odor. Bridges chose to go down the passive-aggressive route, buying a bunch of air fresheners and having them installed throughout the office.

Last May, the smelly co-worker complained to H.R. that the air fresheners led to a hostile working environment...and Bridges was fired.

According to the lawsuit, Bridges had an "exemplary and unblemished employment record" prior to losing her job. She is arguing that the body odor was a disability, and she was merely trying to accommodate the employee. [Indianapolis Star]

And you thought YOUR job stunk.

Santa Fe Springs, CA- Police were called to rescue some panicked poultry.

Rising Agricultural Costs Force Food Prices Higher
Getty Images

A cage full of live chickens fell from a truck onto the highway on Tuesday morning. About 20 birds escaped and were scattered across the Interstate. California Highway Patrol posted multiple tweets throughout the rescue effort. All but two of the chickens survived the fall.

Animal Control says the chickens' owner has until the end of the week to claim them. They will then be available for adoption to “qualified persons living in an area zoned for chickens.” [CBS Bay Area]

At least we know why these chickens were crossing the road...

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