These two are definitely contenders for Parents of the Year. Here's "Crappy News" for Wednesday, August 29th.

Landévennec, France- A resort town has a dolphin problem. Well, one specific dolphin.


Town officials have banned swimming on its beaches because of Zafar, a dolphin described as having "aggressive horniness."

He's been getting too close with tourists and locals, and reports claim that Zafar, "often clearly in a state of sexual arousal, also often tries to rub up against kayaks and other small boats."

In addition to the swimming ban, Landévennec's mayor has also forbade people from getting within 50 meters (164 feet) of the dolphin. [The Cut]

North Little Rock, AR- A McDonald's worker has been fired after allegedly throwing hot grease at a customer.

McDonald's Drive-Thru
Getty Images

19-year-old Tonio Andrews allegedly became upset Sunday night while at the drive-thru and smashed the lobby's glass door. Police received another call about 30 minutes later...FROM Andrews.

He said he tried changing his order, which caused an argument with the employee. She reportedly tried to close the window on his arm but he pushed it back open, prompting her to take a container of hot oil and throw it in his face.

Police say they saw fresh marks on Andrews' face consistent with grease burns. McDonald's confirmed the incident and fired the employee. [BuzzFeed News]

Spring, TX- A couple faces charges after leaving their child at home so they could go to a concert. In Michigan.


48-year-old John Guerrero & 39-year-old Virginia Yearnd traveled to Detroit last Wednesday to see the metal band Godflesh. No biggie...except they left their 11-year-old daughter home alone.

Cops went to the house and found the child cooking food on the stove. She told officers that she tried to call her parents but only got their voicemail. Police attempted to call them for more than an hour before Yearnd called back and said she was in Louisiana, before later admitting she was in Detroit for the concert.

She also told police that a relative was supposed to watch her daughter. Guerrero and Yearnd each face child endangerment charges. [ABC 13]

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