That couldn't have been comfortable. This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, May 23rd.

Moses Lake, WA- A girl was arrested after taunting police on social media.

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Officers pulled over 27-year-old Giovanni Powell was pulled over earlier this month for driving with a suspended license. 19-year-old Kayla Irizarry was a passenger in the car, but police let her go since she wasn't connected to the crime. However, officers searched Powell's car and found Irizarry's purse, which contained her ID, heroin, and a small pistol.

Irizarry later went to the police department's Facebook page and bragged that she got away. So, this pretty much guaranteed that the cops would go after her, and she was located and arrested on Saturday. [FOX 13]

York County, ME- Three dummies were busted for stealing a shed and towing it away.

Photo: Maine State Police
Photo: Maine State Police

A witness called police Sunday to report that three men had taken the shed (pictured) from a foreclosed property.

Matthew Thompson, Timothy James & Robert Breton were found dragging the 25-foot shed behind a pickup truck.

All three have been charged with unauthorized taking or transfer, reckless conduct, and criminal mischief. Thompson was found with crystal meth and non-prescribed pills, so he faces an additional charge for drug possession. [Press-Herald]

Sri Lanka- Two suspects were arrested for smuggling gold in their butts.

Paul Katz -- Thinkstock
Paul Katz -- Thinkstock

The 32-year-old and 24-year-old passengers had arrived from Singapore and India and were arrested at the airport after customs officers noticed the men walking suspiciously.

The pair was apprehended, and gold bars were allegedly found concealed in their rectal cavities.

One man was caught with eight gold bars, and the other suspect was hiding 12. The total weight of the gold was around two kilograms and the value was estimated at $82,000 U.S. [Daily Mail]

Hiding 12 gold bars in your rectum? I'm guessing that's not something you'd want to brag about in jail.

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