These aren't the "party potatoes" Iowans are used to. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, June 1st.

Houston, TX- A woman finally got rid of some unwanted guests.


76-year-old Maude Mack has had problems with bees periodically over the 45 years that she's lived in her house and has occasionally had professional help removing them, but they have always returned.

This week workers scraped out a massive beehive from Mack's wall. In all, between 70,000 and 80,000 bees were removed and relocated. Any honey collected will be sold in a few local stores, with the funds going toward relocating more honey bees throughout Texas. [KTRK-TV]

I realize that bees are good for our ecosystem, but WOW. That's some sci-fi level stuff.

Seattle, WA- A group of thieves were furious, but not very fast.


Two men and a woman stole a $1,600 guitar from a music store Wednesday afternoon.  Then they ran outside and escaped in two separate cars, with the guys driving. The suspects made it about three blocks from the store when they started RACING.

The theft and getaway happened during rush there wasn't a lot of room to maneuver, and the vehicles crashed into each other.

After the accident, one of the robbers pulled out a machete and threatened his co-conspirator. Then that robber pulled a gun on the suspect holding the machete.

Police arrived, arrested all three suspects and returned the guitar. [Patch]

Eastleigh, United Kingdom- This must have been an EPIC party.


Police suspected 30-year-old James Johnson was intoxicated when they discovered him wearing women's undergarments and carrying a bag of potatoes into his motel room.

Officers searched the room and found a, quote, "Aladdin’s cave" of drugs, including MDMA (ecstasy), psychdelics and other designer drugs. They also found that Johnson had filled the hotel bathtub filled with spuds. Johnson reportedly told police that he and two friends rented the room for a night of partying, which escalated into a FIVE-DAY binge.

He was charged with intent to supply drugs and was sentenced to an 18-month community order, including the completion of a drug rehab program. [Metro]

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