Just one more reason to hate fruitcake. This is 'Crappy News' for Thursday, December 28th, 2017.

Mansfield, OH- A man bringing gifts visited a prison on Christmas Eve, but it wasn't Santa Claus.

Hand in jail

21-year-old Avery Ingram was spotted near the Richland Correctional Institution Sunday morning attempting to throw packages over the fence. Authorities say the packages contained cell phones, tobacco and marijuana.

Ingram faces charges of illegal conveyance of drugs, illegal conveyance of electronics, and criminal trespassing. [Time]

This guy is the anti-Santa...he makes sure people on the naughty list get stuff, too.

St. Helens, OR- Police amped up their DUI checkpoint program...by arresting a snowman.

St Helens (OR) Police
St Helens (OR) Police

St. Helens PD is cracking down on impaired driving during the holiday season and made their first arrest last week. As part of the department's public relations campaign, an officer dressed as Santa Claus arrested a man posing as the abominable snowman.

Officer Claus said the snowman admitted to drinking too much peppermint schnapps at a Christmas party and he was arrested for DUI. The department then posted photos of the snowman being interviewed by police, getting his fingerprints taken, and spending time in a jail cell. [City of St. Helens]

I'm assuming they won't have the same sense of humor with an ACTUAL drunk driver...

Seattle, WA- A suspicious package forced authorities to shut down the city's ferry service.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Officers evacuated the ferry terminal Tuesday morning following the report. The bomb squad investigated the package before determining it wasn't a weapon...but a fruitcake.

Police say the fruitcake was wrapped underneath a Christmas tree in the terminal's lobby and there hadn't been any presents under the tree while it had been displayed. The terminal was re-opened after approximately 40 minutes. [Q13 News]

Further proof that fruitcake is awful and nobody wants it. If you can legitimately confuse it for a bomb then it's not worth eating.

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