It's safe to say there's an opening in the department. This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, October 10th, 2018.

Berlin, Germany- A sex club is urging visitors to go to the doctor.

Vorticellas Seen Through Microscope At A Lab Of South China Normal University
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Sources say a patron at the KitKatClub was rushed to hospital after he was suspected of contracting bacterial meningitis at the venue on Saturday.

The venue issued a statement on social media saying that the man is in serious condition and has not been able to recall what sexual contact he had.

Guests are encouraged to engage in sexual intercourse at the club which enforces a strict BDSM dress code. [The Mirror]

Might want to stay away for the time being. And by "the time being" I mean "the rest of time."

Lao Cai, Vietnam- A doctor found something in a strange spot.

Video shows the doctor using a long instrument to remove an object from the patient's nose. After a few attempts, the doctor successfully pulled out the obstruction from the man's nostril, which turned out to be a large leech (it was still wriggling after it was removed, yikes).

It's unclear how the leech got there--honestly, I don't want to know. [UPI]

Bonifay, FL- A cop has been charged with selling drugs...from his squad car.

animated cop car
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The Florida Department of Law Enforcement began investigating Officer Dwayne White last month. FDLE said undercover agents purchased opioid tablets from White, who was selling the drugs out of his marked patrol car while in uniform.

White was also using his personal cell phone to make drug deals.

White faces charges of selling a controlled substance and unlawful use of a two-way communications device. [The Ledger]

It's Florida...I guess I shouldn't be THAT surprised.

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