Your worst day at work can't possibly compare to this. Here's 'Crappy News' for Monday, August 7th.

Swansea, Wales- A fugitive turned himself in...because he hated his mugshot.


35-year-old Wayne Esmonde had been wanted since July 18. The police department posted his mugshot on Facebook...and it is NOT flattering. Esmonde has a very wide-eyed stare in the photo, and he got tired of seeing it, so he agreed to surrender if the cops took the picture down.

Esmonde turned himself in on Thursday and the force removed his mugshot from its page. Unfortunately, because of the story, he's now getting MORE attention and the mugshot is getting infinitely more attention than it did before. [The Independent]

Ahhh...the beauty of the Internet.

Mifflinburg, PA- A former NFL player received some bad news...see what I did there?

Adrien Robinson (#81, pictured)/Photo by Rich Schultz, Getty Images
Adrien Robinson (#81, pictured)/Photo: Rich Schultz, Getty Images

28-year-old Adrien Robinson was busted last Monday night with 20 POUNDS of marijuana in his car. Robinson was pulled over for an improper lane change, and a search of his vehicle revealed large bags of marijuana, a metal grinder, digital scale, vacuum sealer bags and a vacuum sealer.

He's been charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia. Robinson was drafted by the New York Giants in 2012, but was out of football by 2015. [PennLive]

Unfortunately, this is way more notable than anything Robinson did ON the field...

Clay County, MN- This cop definitely should've called in sick...


Officer Brad Browning made what he thought was going to be a routine traffic stop early Wednesday morning.

Browning pulled over a driver for a non-working headlight. Browning found out that the driver had an active warrant and called for backup. The suspect resisted arrest and the newly-arriving officer tried to tase him...but he wound up zapping Browning, instead!

The two officers lost sight of their suspect, so they set up a perimeter and sent a K-9 unit to find him. However, the dog mistook Officer Browning for the suspect...and he was bitten on the upper leg. Browning needed EIGHT staples to close the bite wound; he's now taking time off to recover. [St. Paul Pioneer Press]

I'd be spending that time off updating my resume...

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