Life imitates art. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, March 8th, 2019.

West Covina, CA- Police are investigating the cause of a beer truck crash.

West Covina Police Department
West Covina Police Department

The truck overturned as it was exiting the 10 Freeway early Thursday morning. It looks like the truck was taller than a bridge it was trying to pass under.

Authorities blocked off traffic in both directions so crews could clean up the mess. Police shared a video of the beer-covered street on social media.

The driver was uninjured, though his pride is probably hurt. [KTLA]

Eloy, AZ- A fake nun got caught with real drugs.


Police say 53-year-old Esther Gomez De Aguilar and her husband were pulled over Monday afternoon for "an equipment violation and moving violation."

The officer "noticed several suspicious circumstances" that prompted him to search the vehicle and the couple. He found four bundles of fentanyl pills inside Gomez de Aguilar's purse, plus two more bundles of fentanyl powder hidden in her clothing. Police seized a total of 8.5 pounds of drugs.

Mrs. Gomez de Aguilar was dressed in all black and a lace veil, apparently trying to disguise herself as a nun in order to avoid suspicion. Her and her husband--who was not dressed as a priest--were charged with possession of narcotics and drug trafficking. [The Smoking Gun]

Detroit, MI- A local rapper has been indicted for wire fraud.


Jonathan Woods, who goes by the rap name Self Made Kash, frequently posts videos and pictures on his social media platforms. In addition to displaying jewelry and large stacks of cash, some the posts showed Woods bragging about using credit card skimmers.

Prosecutors say Woods also referred to himself as the "swipe goat" and would also make money by charging people in exchange for his "expertise" on how to commit credit card fraud.

Woods was also charged with aggravated identity theft and must turn over all the money he earned due to the scheme. [Newsradio 950]

He might know how a card skimmer works, but he clearly doesn't know much about the Internet.

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