He's clearly not cut out for life on these streets. This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, September 26th.

Lobbes, Belgium- A man campaigning for office had to change his name on social media.

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26-year-old Luc Anus is running for city council. But when a friend posted Luc's campaign poster on Facebook, the site flagged it as inappropriate. As a result, he is now listed as "Luc Anu" on Facebook, which looks more like the name of a Star Wars character than a real person.

Alongside a picture of his now-viral election poster, one person commented: "That’s a beautiful name for a party which f**** you from behind."

The aspiring politician says he's used to being teased about his name. [Metro]

I guess you could say he's the butt of a lot of jokes.

Freeport, TX- Prison officials got quite the special delivery.


The Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice received a donation of 45 boxes of bananas last week. While unloading the fruit officers noticed that one of the boxes felt different than the others. They opened the box and found a bundle of what appeared to be white powder.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents traveled to the prison to investigate the mysterious packages, which tested positive for cocaine. There were 540 separate packages, each weighing a kilogram. Authorities determined the approximate worth of the cocaine at $17,820,000. [Newsweek]

I'm going to guess that they WEREN'T trying to send that to a prison. And speaking of lots of drugs...

Atlanta, GA- Life imitated art a bit too much for this rapper.


42-year-old Tommie Walker, known by his stage name Columbia BT, was indicted on federal drug trafficking charges earlier this month.

Prosecutors say Walker and two others were involved in a "multi-state drug distribution scheme" in which BT would stash the drugs at a warehouse and help transport them through Georgia and South Carolina.

Police confiscated $220,000 in cash and 135 kilograms of cocaine. The street value of the drugs is said to be $4 million. Walker has been charged with three counts of possession with intent to distribute cocaine. [XXLmag.com]

I wonder if the "BT" stands for "Big Trouble."

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