And you thought YOUR job stunk. This is "Crappy News" for Thursday, May 17th.

Gaylord, MI- A man's car was commandeered by resourceful rodents.

Gabe Awrey via Facebook
Gabe Awrey via Facebook

As the weather warms up, let this be a friendly reminder to pop the hood of your car.

A guy named Kellen Moore found this out the hard way. He discovered more than 50 POUNDS of pine cones stashed inside the free space under his hood. One of Moore's friends posted this photo on Facebook, which showed the handiwork of some very dedicated and determined squirrels.

It took Moore & his buddy about 45 minutes to clean the engine of all the pine cones. The pair was able to take the car for a spin afterwards with no problems. [USA Today]

Pender County, NC- Emergency crews were summoned to clean up some delectable debris.

Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies

Officials say a semi truck was stopped at an intersection on the highway Tuesday morning.

The truck accelerated when the light turned green, which caused the truck's rear door to unlatch. About 20 rolling carts full of cookie dough fell out of the hauler and spilled onto the road.

What a waste! Think of all those poor souls who will be deprived of tasty, delicious cookies. I truly weep for them. [WECT-TV]

Davis, CA- A group of scientists has been given money to study...cow flatulence.


The California Dairy Research Foundation received a $213,000 grant to "examine" the environmental effects of methane emissions at the state’s dairies.

The project will concentrate on bovine gas from large and small dairies. Scientists will also explore cost-saving techniques, emerging technologies and the economic impact of methane regulations. [New York Post]

I realize that this is probably a very important job. But I don't think there's enough money out there for me to justify sniffing cow's asses all day. Never saw that booth at Career Day...

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