I've woken up in some unusual places. I hope I never add this to my list. Here's "Crappy News" for Thursday, June 28th.

Los Angeles, CA- An aspiring rapper's stunt shut down traffic.

Traffic jam in Los Angeles

29-year-old Alexander Dunn, who is known by the stage name Dephree, scaled an exit sign above the Interstate 110 Wednesday morning. He then unfurled political banners, began dancing and talking through a megaphone.

Dunn's publicity stunt created a massive traffic jam as police and firefighters scaled the sign in an attempt to get him down. Eventually, Dephree did a backflip off the rigging and landed on a massive inflatable cushion placed on the freeway by firefighters.

He's been charged with delaying a police officer, trespassing, and failure to obey a regulatory sign. [L.A. Times]

That's probably the most "L.A." thing ever.

Cobb County, GA- A guy just got banned from calling 911.

62-year-old William Baccus has called at least 118 times over the past three years...with exactly ZERO real emergencies.


One time he called and asked them to bring him a glass of milk. One time it was because he couldn't find his cell phone and another was because he lost his TV remote.

The cops and/or fire department have gone to his house EVERY single time...and sometimes, Baccus hasn't even answered the door.

Authorities have (finally) banned Baccus from calling 911 unless there is an actual emergency, and issued an arrest warrant for misuse of 911. And--weirdly enough--Baccus hasn't gotten in touch with them since. [WSB-TV]

I figured if you prank call 911 three or four times you'll probably wind up getting in trouble. Apparently some police departments give you WAY, WAY more leeway.

Miami, FL- A sleeping man was stuck on a drawbridge.

Mid-Hudson Bridge, City of Poughkeepsie, Poughkeepsie Waterfront, Hudson River
PATRICK TEWEY/Townsquare Media

Cellphone video shows the man holding onto the side of a bridge as it went up over the Miami River early Tuesday morning. Witnesses tried to warn the bridge operator but were unable to get his attention.

The man had apparently fallen asleep on the bridge before it was raised to let a boat pass underneath. The man had woken up after sliding down and grabbed the side of the bridge (you can see video of the incident HERE).

The subject eventually ended up riding the bridge back down and walked away uninjured. [UPI / WSVN-TV]

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