And the award for 'Best Waste of a Perfectly Good Cake' goes to this lovely lady. Here's 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, November 7th.

Berlin, Germany- A very thirsty man tried an unusual strategy to open his beer.

mug of beer

The 29-year-old male--who undoubtedly forgot his bottle opener at home--was at a movie theatre when he attempted to crack open a beer using a canister of pepper spray.

However, the container broke and nearly 200 people had to evacuate the theatre.

The cinema’s manager called police, opened windows, and offered beverages to moviegoers. He said no major injuries were reported the movie was restarted after 30 minutes. [New York Post]

Further proof that nothing comes between most men and their beer.

Portsmouth, VA- A woman faked her own go on a shopping spree with her husband.

49-year-old Alexandra Hatcher lived up to her last name, hatching the elaborate money-making scam in summer 2015. First, Alexandra relocated to Washington state.


She and her husband, Albert Hatcher, then made a fake death certificate and published a death notice in the newspaper...and he submitted claims for her life insurance.

During the scheme, they bought at least 20 luxury vehicles by using counterfeit checks and forged documents. The couple would then flip the cars and use them as collateral for loans and other vehicles.

Mr. & Mrs. Hatcher just pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including bank fraud, counterfeiting, mail fraud and conspiracy. They're both facing a maximum of 30 years in prison. [Virginian-Pilot]

Why do people always put so much time and effort into doing BAD stuff?

Dunedin, FL- An actress has been arrested after attacking her boyfriend...with cake.

Baskin-Robbins 70th Birthday Celebration
Getty Images

36-year-old Karina Mora had planned a surprise for her boyfriend's birthday on Thursday. However, her beau, 56-year-old Robert Brown, came home late and had been drinking. The couple began arguing, which led to Mora smashing Brown over the head with a birthday cake.

Mora, who's appeared in a variety of films, commercials, and telenovelas (Spanish soap operas), was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. [The Smoking Gun]

Tell me you HAVEN'T seen something like this in a soap opera? Art imitating life.

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