This guy had some REAL hot wheels. Here's "Crappy News" for Wednesday, July 25th, 2018.

Victorville, CA- This guy should definitely consider changing his name...

Police lights by night

34-year-old Jimmie Williams happens to share the same name as another Jimmie Williams in the area who has a lengthy criminal record. The GOOD Jimmie has been arrested or detained at least four times in the last 12 years, always for stuff the BAD Jimmie did...and it happened again this past Friday.

A cop showed up at Williams' door about a felony arrest warrant. GOOD Jimmie tried to explain the situation, but the officer wouldn't listen and tried to handcuff Williams resisted, and got charged with felony obstruction. Now, GOOD Jimmie could end up losing his job.

The incident was caught on Williams' doorbell camera, and the cops are working with him to straighten things out. [ABC 7 - Los Angeles]

France- A pro cyclist was disqualified after punching a rival racer.

Cycling race

Gianni Moscon was removed from the Tour de France after striking a rider during a portion of the race on Sunday. Tour officials reviewed video footage from the start of Sunday’s stage, when Moscon appeared to swing his right arm at Elie Gesbert’s face.

Moscon's race team will wait until the end of Tour to decide on any additional punishment. He was also suspended last year after racially abusing another competitor during a race. [New York Post]

It's a bike race. Wouldn't it have been easier (and less obvious) to, like, deflate his tires or something?

Oakland, CA- A reckless driver tried to blame his speeding ticket on the weather.

Thermometer Sun 40 Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures

The California Highway Patrol tweeted that a vehicle was stopped for going 99 mph in a 65-mph zone. The driver reportedly told the cop he knew he wasn't going that maybe the officer was actually looking at the TEMPERATURE, not the radar speed.

The cop says that led to a, quote, "awkward silence," and the guy eventually gave up and signed his ticket. In fairness...the radar gun DID show the temperature, but it was only 80° at the time. [UPI]

Just a reminder, the cover-up is ALWAYS worse than the act itself.

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