Life imitating art, I guess? This is "Crappy News" for Friday, March 23rd.

Sheboygan, WI- Police are searching for a "serial toilet clogger."

Public restroom

The culprit has been repeatedly clogging the same public restroom at a community center since 2016. has nothing to do with toilet paper. The suspect has been shoving a 20-ounce soda bottle in the pipes of the women's bathroom. Then apparently it overflows for the NEXT person who uses it. And the vandalism has caused thousands of dollars in damage and repairs.

Parks Department officials say the toilet was clogged 12 times in 2016, 14 times in 2017 and three times so far this year. Police don't have any leads on a suspect. []

Miami, FL- Police are trying to track down a loose monkey.

White Faced Monkey Eating Star Fruit

The primate was first spotted outside of a strip club early Tuesday morning. The monkey mystery deepened Tuesday afternoon, as cops weren’t able to confirm if it was the same animal that escaped from a primate lab a few days earlier.

Multiple people have reported seeing the monkey in various locations throughout Miami. Police and wildlife officials are still trying to find it. [Miami Herald]

Maybe they should try looking in the private dance area.

Tallahassee, FL- A local theatre star was busted for stealing from his day job.

Ingram Publishing

22-year-old Hunter Flora was arrested on Tuesday for embezzling money from a property management company. Flora worked as a receptionist, and would collect checks and money orders from renters.

Flora was allegedly accepting the payments and entering them into the computer without depositing them. He also altered the "Pay To" line so he could cash the money orders, and had urged clients to pay in cash, which is against company policy.

All told, Flora embezzled about $77,000. (Perhaps not so) Coincidentally, he recently starred as the lead in the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Flora faces charges of grand theft, fraud and forgery. [Tallahassee Democrat]

Clearly, the man is just dedicated to his craft. Method acting at its finest.

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