At least give them a tip of the cap for creativity. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, July 13th, 2018.

Leander, TX- Cops are asking for help finding an underpants bandit.

cloths drawn

The police department shared a video on its Facebook page which shows a man breaking into a landscape supply store last month.

The burglar can be seen on camera entering the building through a window, but part of his face is a blue pair of boxer briefs. The video has been viewed more than 130,000 times. He's still yet to be identified. [UPI]

For his sake, I hope he did laundry before his crime spree. And that he took enough money to buy a proper mask for the next time.

Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia- A woman is suing her nephew...AFTER winning the lottery.

Barb Reddick won a $1.2 million jackpot Wednesday, along with her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis. Reddick said she put his name on the ticket for good luck. And, as it turns out, Tyrone WAS lucky. Just not "half a million dollars" lucky, according to his aunt.

Reddick FLIPPED out when each of them received a $600,000 check. She claims that she only agreed to split the money if they won the consolation prize--not the jackpot. So she's going to SUE HIM to get her other half of the winnings. [CTV News]

Imagine if HE tried to do that to HER. Well...I guess she would've sued then, too.

Peachtree City, GA- Two men attempted to steal several thousand dollars worth of merchandise from a local Walmart. And I must say...their disguises were actually pretty clever.

Walmart To Raise Its Minimum Raise To 11 Dollars An Hour
Getty Images

On June 29th the two suspects dressed as Walmart employees, entered through the store's back entrance and began loading pallets with electronics.

The suspects had collected more than $3,000 worth of TVs, computers and other goods when they were confronted by ACTUAL store employees. The crooks claimed they were moving the goods to a different store. More employees confronted the men with cameras, causing them to abandon the items and drive away in a U-Haul truck.

Police have asked the public to help find the suspects. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

These dudes did have a pretty good plan. Give them an "A" for effort.

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