AMAZINGLY, this plan didn't work. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, March 16th.

San Antonio, TX- If you're scared of heights this is probably one of the reasons why.

Looping Roller Coaster

Witnesses recorded video Tuesday when Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas suddenly jerked to a halt at the top of one of its 12-story lifts, leaving riders stranded upside-down.

The ride resumed after about 45 minutes and the passengers were able to return to solid ground unharmed. A spokeswoman for the park said that one of the ride's safety sensors was triggered, causing the coaster to stop. [UPI]

Look on the bright side...this is way better than the safety sensors NOT working.

Alachua County, FL- A dog fight turned into a scene out of the Three Stooges.


Police say 31-year-old Thomas Phillips was walking his dog unrestrained at an apartment complex Monday night when his dog started biting and attacking another dog that was on a leash.

As the victim tried to separate the two dogs, his dog managed to get loose from its collar. The victim again tried to break things up by swinging the leash at Phillips' dog. Phillips then assaulted the victim by hitting him across the face with a tennis ball launcher toy.

Phillips was booked on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. [Miami Herald]

I guess you could say there's no LOVE lost between them. Get it? Love, tennis...okay, I'm done.

DeLand, FL- Two men had a messy plan to get back at an ex.

All Things Organic Holds Chicago Expo
Getty Images

28-year-old John Silva and 36-year-old named Derrick Irving broke into their former lover's house on Tuesday morning. After Silva & Irving stole a vacuum, a window A/C unit and flat screen TV, they decided to cover their tracks. The duo poured a jar of pasta sauce into a pot on the stove and put a washcloth next to the burner to try to start a fire.

The homeowner's security system alerted him that something was going down, so he called the cops.

They pulled over the suspects, found the stolen items...along with one KEY piece of evidence--the empty jar of sauce. Both Silva and Irving have been charged with  unarmed burglary, grand theft, and arson. [CBS 6 - Orlando]

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