Internet memes? Silly. War? Not so much. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, May 18th.

Monitor Township, MI- Police had to rescue some endangered cargo.


Police responded to the scene when a semi truck jackknifed on a rainy highway Monday night.

Officers had heard that the truck was carrying animals. When they arrived they found the truck was hauling eight Bengal tigers, each weighing about 600 pounds. The tigers are owned by a circus company and the driver was transporting them to New York.

The road was back open after a few hours. Neither the animals nor the driver was injured, and no tigers escaped in the crash. []

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL- A pro golfer found the rough...but not with his clubs.

38-year-old Lucas Glover has had a pretty solid career on the PGA Tour, winning a U.S. Open championship and earning more than $20 million. But that's apparently not enough to please his wife, who just went to jail for allegedly beating him up.

Matt Roberts/Getty Images
Matt Roberts/Getty Images

36-year-old Krista Glover was arrested last weekend, following her husband's poor performance in a tournament. The couple allegedly got into a physical fight in front of their children and his mother.

Lucas told police that his wife gets violent every time he doesn’t play well, threatens to leave him, and calls him a not-so-nice word that people use to describe lady parts.

Mrs. Glover faces charges of resisting arrest and domestic battery. [Miami Herald]

Most men like to play golf to get away from their wives...I'm guessing he fits that bill, too.

Farah, Afghanistan- Our military took the "Laurel or Yanny" debate a BIT over the edge.

Of all the people to do something inappropriate with this, I wouldn't have expected it to be the Department of Defense.

USAF Tests Weapons In Nevada Desert
Getty Images

The Air Force was engaged in a fire fight with Taliban soldiers in Farah on Wednesday. The Taliban took over the city earlier this week and killed at least 30 people, so the Air Force teamed up with the Afghan forces to successfully push them back out. Hundreds of members of the Taliban were killed during the attack.

The Air Force later sent out a tweet suggesting that the Taliban would've rather heard "Laurel" or "Yanny" instead of the guns from U.S. fighter jets. It's obviously not a bad thing that the U.S. military is fighting the Taliban...but comparing it to some silly thing on the Internet isn't a very good look.

The Air Force took down the tweet after about six hours--and lots of backlash--and issued an apology. [Vox]

Yeah...using memes to promote military strikes is probably something to avoid in the future. I don't think they'll be putting this in the recruiting video.

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