Their relationship must really suck. #VacuumJoke

Colorado Springs, CO- Don't smoke and plot at the same time.


A group of teenagers broke into a marijuana dispensary around 1:00 a.m. last Wednesday. They drove a stolen van through the front door, grabbed a bunch of weed out of the displays, left the van behind, and took off in a getaway car.

Seems like a pretty effective "smash and grab," except for one slight issue. That store doesn't put the REAL STUFF in its display cases--presumably to prevent this exact scenario. So...those kids just unknowingly stole a bunch of oregano.

Officers are still trying to--weed out--the suspects. [KKTV]

You'd have to be high to think a plan like that would work. Oh, wait...

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada- Workers removed a roof from the wrong house...days before a severe thunderstorm.

roofing work with flex roof

Jennifer Campbell received a call from her son asking why she didn't tell him their house was getting worked on. Turns out, the contractors had mixed up their customer’s address and went to Campbell's home three doors down.

Campbell rushed home and found shingles and roofing materials scattered throughout her yard.

Campbell then called the police, the roofing company, and her insurance company. A representative from the roofing company said they would rectify the mistake by putting on a new roof for free AND paying her insurance deductible, but Campbell hired a different company to do the job. [CTV News]

Holiday, FL- A woman is in jail after attacking her husband with a vacuum cleaner.


31-year-old Holly Akers got into an argument with her husband, Charles Plagens, last Tuesday.

Apparently, he wasn't happy that Akers decided to clean their house at 3:00 a.m. Plagens tried sleeping in multiple rooms, but she followed him with the vacuum cleaner.

There was a small scuffle and Akers struck him on the bridge of the nose with a vacuum cleaner attachment. Akers is facing a felony charge for battery on a person 65 or older. [Tampa Bay Times]

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