You'd have thought the Easter Bunny would appreciate some sweet nothings. This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, March 28th.

Florence, Italy- Three American exchange students burned pasta by cooking it WITHOUT water.


It's pretty clear that these girls haven't had much responsibility in their lives...

The trio of female students purchased a package of pasta from a store while studying in Italy and placed it directly in the pot before lighting the stove. The pasta burst in flames after a few minutes, and the girls needed to call the fire department for help.

A chef is seeking to right their wrongs by offering the women four hours of Italian cooking lessons in one of his restaurants. [UPI]

Burning water is bad. Somehow this is even worse.

Rotorua, New Zealand- A man came up with the most elaborate plan to get laid I've ever heard of. And it actually worked.

A 24-year-old man went to a woman's home in September 2015 and told her he had been beaten up and forced to drink a vial of poison. And the only way to cure him was to sweat it out...through sex.

Safe Sex

The woman also started receiving threatening emails instructing her to have sex with him three to seven times per day, as well as allow the man to film the acts on his phone.

She eventually noticed lots of spelling errors in the emails, and that he was the only one benefiting from them. When she finally confronted him in January of 2016, he allegedly grabbed her arm, twisted it behind her back, and knocked her over.

She reported him to the cops, and the man was arrested and charged with sexual connections induced by threat and assault. He's on trial now, and admitted to setting up the whole scam. [New Zealand Herald]

How was he able to pull this off for so long? Her girlfriends would have sniffed this out in two minutes.

Richland, OH- A woman was arrested after creeping out the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny costume
Gilles De Cruyenaere - Thinkstock

A local park was hosting an event where parents and their kids could pose for photos with the Easter Bunny. 54-year-old Ladonna Hughett decided she wanted a photo op, as well. While she was posing for the picture, Hughett allegedly whispered lewd comments in the Bunny's ear.

When officers confronted Hughett, she "displayed various signs of intoxication, like slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and a generally wobbly demeanor." She was cited for public drunkenness. [The Smoking Gun]

I never expected a person in a rabbit costume to be part of the #MeToo movement, but here we are.

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