She was obviously hungry for a fight. This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, November 27th, 2018.

Augusta, GA- A couple had an uninvited guest in their bed.


Columbia County Police say 29-year-old Christopher Lindner broke into a house earlier this month, got naked, and jumped into bed with the homeowners.

The couple allegedly fled the home, but he started chasing after them. Lindner then laid down in a nearby street but ran away once police came towards him.

Cops approached again and confronted Lindner with pepper spray, to no effect. Lindner was finally subdued with a metal baton after he attempted to enter a squad car.

Lindner was jailed on multiple charges, including criminal trespassing. []

Amsterdam, Netherlands- This guy took "money laundering" a bit too literally.

Giving Out Cash

Authorities were investigating a potential squatter--someone who is living or occupying an empty house.

The police also confiscated multiple cell phones, a gun and a money-counting machine during the raid.

A 24-year-old male was arrested for--you guessed it--money laundering. [CNN]

Sometimes, the joke just writes itself.

Tarpon Springs, FL- This woman was hungry for a fight.

Police responded to a 911 call at a mobile home park last Monday night.

chinese take out food in boxes close
Getty Images

65-year-old Donna Lee Gramley allegedly became upset when the man she lives with purchased Chinese food for some neighbors. I'm not sure if she was mad because she doesn't like these neighbors, or if she was just hangry, but Gramley proceeded to throw the food at the victim while he was laying in bed.

Gramley admitted to flinging the food, and "remnants" of it were still on the victim when cops arrived.

Gramley was hostile with police, so she was charged domestic battery and resisting arrest. [The Smoking Gun]

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