Seriously...nothing good can come from using Facebook anymore. This is "Crappy News" for Thursday, June 7th.

Forestdale, AL- A woman used a very--unique--tactic to try robbing a bank.

metal prison bars with handcuffs on black background

The suspect came into the bank Wednesday morning and handed a note to the manager demanding $6,000 cash.

According to the note if the manager complied, he would be rewarded with a sexual favor. If he refused, she would claim that he had sexually assaulted her.

Luckily for the manager, he didn't have to make that choice. Cops quickly closed in and the the woman was arrested. She's in jail awaiting charges. []

It was certainly a creative approach.

Arba Minch, Ethiopia- A pastor was killed while conducting a baptism.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Docho Eshete was presiding over the ceremony for about 80 people at a nearby lake when a crocodile sprung from the water and attacked him Sunday morning. An eyewitness said that Pastor Docho had only completed one baptism before he was grabbed by the croc.

The pastor was bitten on his legs, back and hands. Local fisherman and members of the congregation rushed to save him, but he did not survive his injuries. [BBC News]

Lake County, FL- A woman attacked her boyfriend because of social media.

29-year-old Melissa Henderson was at home with her boyfriend Saturday night when she noticed something out of the ordinary--he'd blocked her on Facebook.

Getty Images

This IS a pretty bizarre thing for a significant other to do, and Melissa handled it in a very mature way. She went into their bedroom, screamed at him and threatened to kill him before biting his arm.

Henderson told cops that her beau had pulled her hair and grabbed her neck, so she bit him in self-defense. Police didn't buy it, and she was arrested for simple domestic battery. [WTF Florida]

There's no word on whether her boyfriend unblocked her, or why he blocked her in the first place. Maybe the anger issues had something to do with it? Call it a hunch.

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