Maybe she was just hangry? This is "Crappy News" for Monday, July 2nd.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada- These criminals didn't have the greatest escape plan.

Credit cards

28-year-old Richard Pariseau & 29-year-old Brittany Burke were arrested last Monday afternoon, after Pariseau allegedly tried to make a purchase using stolen credit cards. When police arrived, he shoved Burke into the officer and tried to escape.

Security camera video shows Burke climbing up, and then into the ceiling panels. A short time later, Burke crashed through the ceiling and back into the store.

Pariseau faces 11 charges, including possession of stolen property, using a stolen credit card, and assaulting an officer. Burke has been charged with obstructing a police officer, failure to comply, and criminal mischief. [CTV News]

If criminals were smart, this would be a pretty boring segment.

Sunrise, FL- A coupon kerfuffle could cost a city employee his job.

Two pecan tarts with pecans set against a simple background.

Richard Salamon got upset at a local bakery when they wouldn't honor an expired coupon for a free mini Bundt cake. The bakery owner says that Salamon asked an employee at the store to "break the rules" and let him use the coupon.

The public outburst--about a $3.99 cake--could result in Salamon losing his job as Sunrise City Manager, which comes with an annual salary of $204,000.

City commissioners are meeting this week to discuss Salamon’s future. [Sun-Sentinel]

This dude SERIOUSLY needs to pick his battles.

Mount Clemens, MI- A woman was arrested after attacking the owners of a Chinese restaurant.


Police say 24-year-old Jade Anderson walked into the restaurant Thursday night complaining about her order. Due to a language barrier, the victim's son translated what Anderson was saying to his parents. That's when Anderson allegedly pushed the son and threw her food onto the floor.

Anderson then attacked the female owner, and the male victim intervened to protect his wife. During the skirmish Anderson was being pushed out of the restaurant when she bit the man's ear and partially detached it.

Anderson was arrested and faces charges of assault and assault with intent to maim. [WXYZ-TV]

Couldn't she have just whined on Yelp like a normal person??

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