Santa Ana, CA- A bunch of drug dealers tried to pull off a creative heist.

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Local police, along with ICE and DEA agents, arrested eight people Tuesday after they previously seized about 26 pounds worth of methamphetamine.

The meth was part of a 90-pound shipment disguised as decorative Aztec calendars and statues.

Agents say the bogus artifacts were part of an alleged plan to mail the illegal drugs to Hawaii.

Each defendant faces at least five years in prison. [UPI]

Atlanta, GA- People try to sneak some odd things through airport security. This ranks as one of the oddest.

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A security dog at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport smelled something suspicious in the luggage of a man returning from Ecuador. Customs agents examined the bag and found...a roasted pig head.

Agents seized and destroyed the pig, which weighed almost two pounds.

The U.S. prevents any pork and pork products from other continents in order to stave off diseases like foot and mouth disease and classical swine fever. [FOX 5 - Atlanta]

You KNOW the dog was hoping for a piece of that. And speaking of dogs...

Lakeland, FL- A woman came up with a crappy alibi.

38-year-old Rachel Fidanian intially told police she was she was holding her dog while doing dishes, then ran towards her husband, slipped, and a knife entered his shoulder area.


But Fidanian told the fire department she was slicing a frozen pizza when she noticed her dog pooping inside the house. She said she went to clean up the poop, but tripped on a rug and fell into husband knife first.

Cops searched the home and found no traces of poop, and concluded that the stabbing was an intentional act of domestic violence. Fidanian has been charged with murder. [FOX 35 - Orlando]

Did she think they WEREN'T going to look for the poop? I still have dog crap stuck in my shoe from seven years ago.

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