At least it was a decent beer? This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, March 12th, 2019.

Erie County, OH- A couple got busted for hooking up in a hot tub.

Erie County Jail
Erie County Jail

22-year-old Taylor Coats and 25-year-old Kamden Mack were at the Kalahari Indoor Water Park last Tuesday night. They'd been drinking and decided to have some "adult time" in the hot tub.

A lifeguard saw what was going on and asked them to leave--they refused, so the lifeguard called police.

Coats and Mack were arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct. Mack was also charged with felony escape after he broke out of a patrol car while handcuffed.

Officers also noted that the couple's romp was in plain view of several families with young children. [Sandusky Register]

A nice vacation memory for all, I'm sure.

St. Paul, MN- Police were called to a Domino's Pizza store Thursday night.

Employees reported that an angry customer had pulled a gun on them. Witnesses told police that two women--who had already left--were upset that wings hadn't been delivered to their home along with their pizza.

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings

59-year-old Holly Jo Robinson, and her daughter, 20-year-old Lakia Robinson, decided to go to the Domino's because they thought it would be faster, since they'd already waited an hour for their original order.

The Robinsons never got their wings--or a refund--which is when Holly allegedly brandished the gun.

A loaded 9mm handgun was found in Holly's car. Lakia said her mom had brought a gun because she feared a physical confrontation. They were both arrested on suspicion of aggravated robbery and making terroristic threats. [Pioneer Press]

All of that over some wings. Priorities.

Lathrop, CA- This woman is living her best--or worst--life. It's kind of hard to tell.

Lathrop Police Services via Facebook
Lathrop Police Services via Facebook

Officers say Elysia Johnson was at Target Saturday afternoon. According to police, she took her shopping cart and a six-pack of Stella Artois beer into a dressing room and stayed there for more than an hour.

Once she was finished with the beers Johnson allegedly left the store with around $200 of unpaid merchandise. She was detained by Target loss prevention and later arrested for shoplifting and three additional warrants. [FOX 40 - Sacramento]

Look, maybe there's a perfectly logical explanation. Like, maybe she went to Target intending to buy one thing and got sucked into the Target vortex, bought a bunch of stuff she didn't need, got overwhelmed, and decided to crack open some cold ones? I get it, girl.

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