There are certain things you probably shouldn't post about on social media. This would be one of those things. Here's "Crappy News" for Friday, April 20th.

Victoria, Australia- A group of kangaroos escaped from a local zoo during an attempted robbery.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo and joey

Security camera footage from The Ballarat Wildlife Park shows a masked suspect cutting through a fence and entering the park's offices.

The wannabe thief did not locate any money, but the damaged fence allowed up to 16 kangaroos to escape.

Park officials are asking residents to be on the lookout for brown kangaroos in case any of the marsupials remained on the loose. [UPI]

Would you tell someone you found a kangaroo? I'd rather just keep it to liven up my conversations.

Monroe, LA- A homeowner spotted a surprise houseguest.

29-year-old Evelyn Washington was arrested after breaking in to the victim's house Tuesday night. The spooked homeowner found Washington nude, taking a bath, and eating Cheetos.

Police confirmed that a half-eaten bag of Cheetos was found at the scene. You know...the most essential detail of the case.

Washington has been charged with criminal property damage and simple burglary.[KXAN-TV]

Looks like SOMEONE was celebrating 4/20 a few days early...

Canada- A woman has been sentenced after posting about a drug-smuggling cruise on social media.

Getty Images
Getty Images

24-year-old Melina Roberge pleaded guilty in 2016 to smuggling nearly 209 pounds of cocaine. Roberge and her accomplice, 29-year-old Isabelle Lagace, traveled together on the ship for seven weeks and documented their trip on Instagram.

The "cocaine cruise" stopped in 11 different countries before reaching port in Australia.

When the ship arrived in Sydney, border officials found 77 pounds of cocaine in Roberge and Lagace’s room. Another 130 pounds was found in a cabin belonging to another man aboard the ship.

The total value of the drugs was nearly $22 million U.S. Roberge was sentenced Wednesday to eight years in prison. Lagace was convicted last year. [Time]

Just a friendly reminder that you shouldn't post EVERYTHING online :-)

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