She couldn't find ONE person that wasn't high? This is "Crappy News" for Thursday, April 26th.

Arvada, CO- This woman's punishment is hard to stomach.


Crystal Tadlock was given a free apple as a snack during a Delta Airlines flight from Paris. She wasn't hungry at the time so she stuffed it in her bag. When she re-entered the States, Tadlock's bag was randomly searched by a U.S. Customs agent, who fined her $500.

Tadlock was rightfully frustrated about the fine, since the apple was inside a plastic bag with Delta's logo on it and it was obviously given to her on the plane. Customs officials said in a statement that all "agriculture items" must be declared.

Tadlock plans on fighting the fine in court. [KDVR-TV]

Houston, TX- A man fell for a scam straight out of an '80s movie.

Multi-level parking garage
Artem Portnoy -- Thinkstock

Bhoumin Mehta uses the valet service at his luxury apartment complex before going to work. Monday morning he handed his keys to a man standing at the valet podium.

Mehta returned to the lot after work to find that his car had been stolen. The man he'd given the keys to wasn't a valet...he just dressed like one. The property manager told Mehta that the imposter had stolen the car and a police report had been filed.

Officers are still investigating, and the phony valet still hasn't been found. Mehta says he's going with self-parking from now on. [CBS 11 - Houston]

Probably a good decision.

Belmont County, OH- A woman has been sentenced for swapping urine samples.


24-year-old Kiana Wallace had been on probation after being in jail for felony drug possession. As a condition of her probation, Wallace was subject to mandatory drug tests. And she must have thought she was going to flunk, because she was just busted after trying to use someone else's urine.

In a cruel twist, THAT person's pee tested positive for drugs, as well. Wallace apologized to a judge in court, but he still sentenced her to another 18 months in prison. [WTOV-TV]

#ProTip: Maybe next time you should call a friend that isn't ALSO doing drugs.

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