I'd be mad about this, too...but maybe not THIS mad. It's "Crappy News" for Thursday, February 21st.

Newark, DE- A man's dream came true...but not in a good way.

Justin Koerner was out late playing music with his friends Saturday night. While taking a nap in the back of his car, Koerner claims he had a dream that someone stole it.

Maybe it was a premonition--some thieves HAD jumped into Koerner's SUV and drove away. They bailed after realizing Koerner was asleep in the back. Koerner got out of his car and was confronted by people gathered and pointing at him.

Police were going to arrest Koerner for the theft, until a neighbor showed officers surveillance video of the suspects attempting to steal the SUV. Cops are still trying to locate the thieves. [Delaware News Journal]

Nashville, TN- A guy was busted for being a big spender.

Beer taps in a pub
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Joel Boyers was at a bar Monday night, and he was so drunk that he kept giving the staff HUGE tips. How huge? Over the course of the night, Boyers tipped servers $22,000.

He'd also been texting his pals strange stuff, like how he'd taken drugs that increased his intelligence, and said that he wanted to give his child away on Facebook. His friends called the cops, who noticed bar staff arguing about who was going to serve him.

Police noted that Boyers had bloodshot and watery eyes and smelled of alcohol. He admitted to drinking and smoking pot throughout the day, and was arrested. [The Tennessean]

So, I guess the moral of the story is "drink less and don't talk to your friends."

Plainfield Township, PA- A woman got drunk and beat up...an arcade game.

Midnight Pinball
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26-year-old Kilee Cunningham was drunk at a bowling alley Saturday night and got upset after a pinball machine ate her money. Cunningham complained was given a refund, but that didn't stop her from punching the machine and busting its glass.

Employees asked her to leave but Cunningham kept trying to order more drinks. When she was refused she splashed a cup of water in an employee's face before storming out. Police caught up with her and reported that Cunningham was being belligerent and argumentative. She began fighting with officers and EMTs and needed to be "chemically sedated" before they transported her to jail.

Cunningham was charged with three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of simple assault, one count of resisting arrest. [Lehigh Valley Live]

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