Remember when people told you being on your phone too much would mess with your brain? This lady found out the hard way. Here's "Crappy News" for Monday, March 19th.

Bucharest, Romania- A court has rejected a man’s claim that he’s actually alive.

Judge gavel and scale in court. Library with lot of books in background

63-year-old Constantin Reliu lost contact with his family when he relocated to 1992. Hearing no news from her husband for nearly 25 years, Reliu's wife filed a death certificate in 2016.

Turkish authorities located Reliu earlier this year with expired papers and deported him. Upon returning to Romania, Reliu discovered that he'd been declared dead. He's obviously still alive, but he missed the deadline to appeal the court's ruling.

The decision is final, and Reliu is officially dead. [New York Post]

The bad news is that this guy can't ever get a job or buy a house or compete on a game show. The good news is that he's basically a zombie, which is pretty cool.

Denmark- A woman's exercise regimen came back to cost her.


The unnamed woman had been collecting $33,000 a year following a whiplash injury in 2008. The insurance company saw her fitness data on the Endomondo app, and launched a fraud investigation.

Investigators used photos and other online posts to conclude that she was obviously physically able to work, so the company eliminated the payments. The insurance company was later forced to reinstate the payments, but at a reduced rate.  [Newser]

Pro-tip: if you're collecting insurance money due to an injury, maybe don't post about your workouts online.

Guangzhou, China- A woman's phone addiction almost killed her.


The 47-year-old woman was traveling across China on a train last week. She was lying down on her side, looking at her phone. And she stayed that way for the entire twenty-hour trip.

The woman fainted when she got off the train and was taken to a nearby hospital. It was there that doctors discovered two life-threatening BLOOD CLOTS on her brain.

Surgeons believe that blood vessels in her neck became compressed from laying in the same position for too long. [The Sun]

A friendly reminder to OCCASIONALLY look up from your phone.

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