Glitter -- fun, shiny, sparkly, dangerous? This is 'Crappy News' for Friday, 1/5/18.

South Florida- The "bomb cyclone" isn't just affecting people.

Florida Fish And Wildlife Commission Tries To Curb Iguana Population
Getty Images

Tallahassee, Florida, saw its first snowfall in 28 years, and 40° temps near Miami have caused iguanas to fall out of trees. Yes, it's literally raining iguanas.

Cold weather immobilizes the reptiles, causing them to stiffen up. Wildlife officials warn residents not to disturb the iguanas because they may wake up and become aggressive. If the iguanas still have their green color, there's a pretty good chance they're still alive.

The animals should be able to regain movement once the temperatures warm up. [NBC 6 - Miami]

As a general rule, I avoid picking up frozen iguanas. I don't know about you.

Sonora, Mexico- A woman got a little carried away with a holiday tradition.

Mexican tamales on plate.

The 25-year-old was rushed to the hospital on Christmas Eve after binge eating 20 tamales in one sitting. Medical officials originally thought the patient was intoxicated before discovering she suffered food poisoning.

It is a tradition in Mexico to eat tamales at Christmastime, but most people know how to pace themselves. She was treated and released. No word on if she ate more tamales on Christmas day. [Foodbeast]

I finally found someone who overate more than I did during the holidays. And, speaking of the holidays...

Swansea, Wales- A lady almost went blind thanks to a Christmas card.


The 49-year-old woman went to an ophthalmologist after complaining of eye pain, redness, loss of vision and a swollen eyelid. The doctor examined her eye with a microscope and spotted something shiny.

The patient remembered getting glitter in her eye when it rubbed off a Christmas card. The glitter had formed into a clump, causing a lesion that mimicked the symptoms of a herpes infection.

The glitter clump was removed from the woman's cornea, and she was prescribed an antibiotic before being discharged. [The Guardian]

She'll probably ask her friends to be a lot less festive from now on.

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