She could have saved herself a lot of trouble by...I don't know...reading the label beforehand. This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, July 31st.

Harrisburg, PA-  A car caught on fire...thanks to an exploding fidget spinner.

Latest Toy Craze Fidget Spinners, Wildly Popular With Kids
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

This story would have been MUCH more interesting about a year and a half ago...

The fire department responded on Sunday to a report of a vehicle fire. Officials say someone had a fidget spinner with a Bluetooth speaker charging on the passenger seat when it malfunctioned and sparked the fire.

No one was injured, and the owner of the vehicle was able to extinguish most of the flames.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises users to be present when products with batteries are charging, and to unplug a fidget spinner immediately once it is fully charged. [ABC News]

Am I missing something? Why would you need to charge a fidget spinner? Isn't it meant for YOU to spin it? I never got one...because I'm not 11 years old.

Jacksonville, FL- A masseuse could lose her license because of some HAPPY ENDINGS.

Man Enjoying Massage At Spa

61-year-old Mi Suk Suk Bae (yep, that's her real name) was arrested in December for--servicing--an undercover policeman. The officer charged her with offering to engage in prostitution.

Bae pleaded no contest, and the state's Board of Massage filed a complaint against her for violating patient boundaries.

Bae faces a suspension or possible revocation of her massage license. [The Smoking Gun]

Her name is MI SUK SUK BAE. Seems like that's a good line of work for her.

Albany, NY- A woman is suing the makers of ginger ale for false advertising.

Canada Dry via Facebook
Canada Dry via Facebook

In a federal lawsuit filed earlier this month, Julie Fletcher contends that Canada Dry and its parent company, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, are misleading customers.

Fletcher said she believed Canada Dry was a healthier alternative to regular sodas because it was made from ginger root, when in actuality, it's made with a small amount of ginger flavor extract, thus not containing any health benefits.

Fletcher is seeking an undisclosed sum. [USA Today]

Wow...she's gonna be REALLY mad when she finds out horseradish isn't made from horses.

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