You've heard the phrase "you get what you pay for," and it's true in a lot of cases. Some things are absolutely worth the price you pay, whether because of quality or because of the long-term return on your investment. This doesn't fit into EITHER of those categories.

You can buy a Jenga game right now from Target's website for $8.74. Or, if you could spend 286 TIMES that.

Louis Vuitton is releasing a special "luxury" version of the game. The blocks are made from colored plexiglass instead of wood and feature the signature "LV" logo throughout, and it costs an astonishing $2,500. Yes...really.

Jenga has a set of 54 cubes, which means that EACH PIECE would cost approximately $46.29. And, it's technically not even an officially licensed Jenga set. So you're paying $2,500 for a knockoff. You can check out a photo HERE.

There are lots of these lavish "designer" items that come out every year, but I'm hard-pressed to think of one more useless than this. Unless you'd like to spend $185 on a Prada paperclip.

Side note: I never realized the original Jenga commercial was such a bop.

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