We had our fill of the "Laurel vs. Yanny" debate (I'm still #TeamLaurel, but I digress). But almost as soon as we got tired of talking about that, a new audio illusion began floating around online...and this might mess with your mind even more.

This tiny toy says either "green needle" or "brainstorm," but the person who posted the video says you can train your brain to hear both. And this was absolutely true for me. When I thought "green needle" I heard "green needle," and vice versa. Play the clip, then say each one to yourself before the toy speaks. Your mind can influence what you hear! Check out the video below.

I legitimately can hear both of them. For the record, the toy is ACTUALLY saying "brainstorm," which makes more logical sense.  Although, the more I play it back, the more "green needle" stands out to me. #Freaky

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